2019 UNGA Resolution on the Girl Child

United Nations General Assembly Third Committee

The 2019 Resolution on the Girl Child can be found on pages 22-32 of the Third Committee Report on the Promotion and protection of the rights of children. The Resolution highlights several concerns and recommendations related to children's care, including: concern regarding the persistence of the extreme situation of girls in child-headed households and the lack of recent information and statistics, disaggregated by sex, on the status of children in child-headed households; concern about all forms of violence against children, including those that disproportionately affect girls; the call on States to ensure equal access to education, including for girls who are marginalized or in vulnerable situations such as children who become heads of households; the call on States to enact and implement legislation to protect, support and empower children living in child-headed households, in particular those headed by girls; and the call on States to ensure that social protection programmes, including HIV-sensitive programmes, are provided to orphans and other vulnerable children, particularly girl children.

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