Act Relating to Children 2018 - Nepal

Government of Nepal

This Act outlines Children's Rights in Nepal. It includes a section on a child's right to live with and visit parents, noting that "No child shall be separated or removed from her/his father or mother against her/his wishes" and that "if necessary in the best interest of the child, the child court may pass an order for separating the child from her/his father or mother and entrusting her/him in a guardian’s custody." The Act also features a section on a child's right to protection, stating that "Every child shall have the right to receive appropriate care, protection, nurturing, and affection from her/his father, mother, other family members or guardian."

The Act also outlines specific rights for children with disabilities and outlines the duties of agencies, organizations, government authorities, families and caregivers, the State, and media towards children. Chapter 5 of the Act includes provisions for special protection and rehabilitation of children, including the provision of alternative care, the protection of children, appointing a guardian, establishment and operation of children's homes, family reunification, and more.