The Framework for The National Child Protection System for Kenya

National Council for Children's Services

This document provides the national framework for the child protection system in Kenya, developed with the intention of improving linkages between different sectors for more a more coordinated approach to protecting children. In addition to identifying and describing the objectives and guiding principles and values for the framework (provided below), this document includes background information and justification for the development of a framework, as well as the framework's structure and roles and functions of stakeholders working in child protection. 

Objectives (Section 4)

The objectives of this framework are:

  1. To provide a framework as a reference for a child protection system in Kenya.
  2. To define the roles and functions of all stakeholders in child protection.
  3. To facilitate effective coordination in the provision of child protection services.
  4.  To facilitate reviewing and enacting of appropriate and effective legislation and policies, capacities and resources to effectively address issues of children. 

Guiding Principles and Values (Section 5)

  1. Best interests of the child. 
  2. Meeting children's basic rights. 
  3. Efforts to protect and promote child rights must be family and community based. 
  4. Creating and building partnerships and effective relationships. 
  5. Non-discrimination and inclusion of marginalized children. 
  6. Child participation. 
  7. Accountability and transparency.