Timor Leste: Policy and Procedures for Child Care Centres and Boarding Houses

Timor Leste - Division of Social Services

The Division of Social Services under the Secretariat of Labour and Solidarity has developed the Policy and Procedures for Child Care Centres and Boarding Houses.  This process was assisted by wide consultation with users and service providers including staff of Child Care Centres, Boarding Houses, Government, NGOs, UNICEF and the children themselves.  The consultation was a combination of individual interviews, visits to institutions and workshops.  As a result the Policy and Procedures have been developed with attention to the views of users and service providers.  

The Policy and Procedures are designed with the focus on children and the life experience that they should expect whilst living in a Child Care Centre or Boarding House.  It is recognised that these children will be citizens contributing to the future development of society, and that they must be provided good care and education during their time in the institutions.

The Policy and Procedures address gaps in current management and administration of institutional child care in Timor Leste.  The Standards are designed to provide direction and guidance for institutions, but these should not limit innovation and creativity in the provision of programmes.  It is intended that the Policy and Procedures should enhance the professional practice of managers and carers.

**This document was originally drafted in 2003, and revised in 2005.  The document provided here is the current version from 2005.