Catholic Care for Children in Uganda: A Family for Every Child - Findings from a Midterm Evaluation

GHR Foundation

Catholic Care for Children in Uganda (CCCU) was established in 2016 to strengthen Catholic congregations in the expressions of their charisms, especially those with a charism of care for children. Its goals are to enable children to grow up in safe environments, reduce recourse to institutional care, and encourage family- and community-based care for children. CCCU is emerging as a model for best practice in childcare and protection, not only in Uganda but globally.

The objectives of the midterm evaluation were to:

  • Examine what has been accomplished in the four years since the program began
  • Identify and describe changes resulting from program interventions
  • Elaborate on the challenges faced
  • Articulate learnings to enable informed future decisions
  • Help CCCU realize its desired outcomes more fully and efficiently

In conducting the evaluation, the team’s approach was participatory, appreciative, and focused on the learning aspects of the CCCU program experience to date. The evaluators consulted more than 100 program participants and other stakeholders, and they sent an online survey to 117 participants of the program (with a 60 percent response rate). During visits to 12 childcare programs in the four regions of Uganda, evaluators met team members, program participants, duty bearers, children, and families.