Children Without Parental Care and Need for Integrated Alternative Childcare Centres

Murli Desai - Rights-based Integrated Child Protection Service Delivery Systems


The aim of this module from the book Rights-based Integrated Child Protection Service Delivery Systems is to learn about children without parental care and the need for rights-based Integrated Alternative Childcare Centres. It first examines the conceptual framework of children without parental care who are children not in the overnight care of at least one of their parents, causes of these situations, and vulnerability and rights of these children. It then examines the conceptual framework of alternative childcare and concerns therein such as inappropriate decisions regarding type of care, recourse to residential care, inadequate permanency planning, children and parents with no voice and lack of focus on biological family. It then discusses the need for Integrated Alternative Childcare Centres, for prevention of child abandonment, parent-child reunification, and socio-legal placement of children in appropriate alternative childcare. Finally, it facilitates learning about the principles and skills of decision-making for placement in alternative childcare and planning parent-child reunification.