Mapping the Structures and Functions of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in Africa on Child Rights

African Committee of Experts on the Rights and and Welfare of the Child - ACERWC

ACERWC released a study on the structures and functions of NHRIs on child protection to assess how child rights issues are incorporated in their mandates. The study identifies challenges and proposes areas to strengthen collaboration. Specifically, the study:

  • Examines the structures of NHRIs in Africa and how they have institutionalised children’s rights.
  • Assesses the functions of African NHRIs in implementing children’s rights.
  • Assesses budgetary allocations for NHRIs in relation to the protection, promotion and implementation of children’s rights.
  • Examines the level of engagement of NHRIs with the ACRWC and its monitoring body, the ACERWC.
  • Examines how NHRIs relate with line Ministries responsible for children’s rights and cooperate with child focussed organisations/agencies.
  • Examines whether NHRIs have mechanisms for ensuring the participation of children in their work.
  • Identifies good practice examples on prioritising children’s rights that can be replicated by NHRIs in other countries.