Meeting Report of the Rwanda Learning and Consultation Workshop

National Commission for Children, Save the Children, Better Care Network

As part of the work of the BCN Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Initiative, the National Commission for Children in partnership with BCN, and Save the Children convened a national consultative workshop in Kigali, Rwanda on 26 and 27 November 2014. The workshop sought to jointly identify knowledge, awareness and technical gaps which may be hindering children’s care reform and to identify national priorities for action. The main focus area of family strengthening and alternative care was addressed through the framework of the three core strategies of BCN’s regional work:

  • strengthening capacity for family strengthening and alternative care;

  • evidence building and sharing around family strengthening and alternative care;

  • strengthening advocacy for family strengthening and alternative care.

This report presents a summary of the main priority outcomes which were identified by participants during the meeting, including: evidence building and sharing, strengthening advocacy, and strengthening capacity.