Safe Places, Thriving Children: Embedding Trauma-Informed Practices into Alternative Care Settings (Organisational Development Guidance Document)

CELCIS, SOS Children’s Villages

The Guidance Document was developed to support organisations taking part in the Organisational Development workshops for the project. 

Through the workshops, we aim to establish a trauma-informed culture in organisations that care for and support children and young adults in alternative care.


As part of the “Safe Places, Thriving Children” project, SOS Children’s Villages has developed a series of six e-learning modules which aim at increasing participants’ understanding of trauma and its effects on children and young people, and provide guidance on how to act in a more trauma-sensitive way when working with children, young people and families. By completing the modules, we hope that participants will be able to better support and understand those who may be affected by traumatic experiences, such as the children, young people and families that have been displaced from their homes in Ukraine.

Each module takes around 40 minutes to complete, and once the two introductory modules are completed, you can access four further modules that cover topics such as working with families and unaccompanied refugee children.

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