The Scottish Independent Care Review: The Plan

The Independent Care Review

One of several reports produced as part of the Scottish Independent Care Review, The Plan outlines how to implement the changes recommended in The Promise. The Promise has come out of a programme of work that involved listening carefully to over 5,500 experiences with over half of those voices belonging to care experienced people. The programme of work involved the curation and commissioning of research, and the development of a detailed understanding of the legislative, policy and practice environment. The Care Review was governed by the care community.

To make The Promise a reality, an equally radical new approach to design and implementation is required, says this report. The Plan report calls for a time-bound plan for thoughtful reform in Scotland, including a re-design of current services and establishing new services, always based on meeting the needs of those they exist to serve, rather than the needs of the system, as well as a shift in operating culture.

The report also calls for the involvement of all sectors across the roots and branches of the entire ‘care system’ including the multiple agencies that commission and operate it. Through working together on a single Plan, public and third sector collaboration will be strengthened. The voices of care experienced people will continue to be at the centre.