We All Need Families at the End of the Day

Better Care Network and UNICEF

This video is presented by Better Care Network and UNICEF. It tells the story of Maureen, a young girl in Kenya who was separated from her family and sent to live in a children's home. In the video, Maureen expresses her desire to reunite with her grandparents and asks "why do I live in a children's home?" It also features interviews with experts, including those who have lived in children's homes, explaining some of the negative impacts of institutionalization. Children who live in institutions often lack the individual care, affection, and attachment that a family environment offers. The video highlights the efforts of Care Reform Initiatives to deinstitutionalize children in Kenya and Ghana. As a result of such efforts, Maureen and her siblings were able to return to the home of their grandparents, who will receive the support necessary to care for their grandchildren through a government cash transfer program supported by UNICEF.

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