Cambodia Child Protection Monitoring Framework - Care Indicators and Metadata: A working document to guide the establishment of the Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS) in Cambodia

Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSVY)

This document, the Cambodia Child Protection Monitoring Framework, contains 50 core indicators considered important in assessing the child protection system in Cambodia. The draft of the document was reviewed in two workshops, the workshop in September 2018 on the establishment of the Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS) in Cambodia and a technical level workshop in June 2019, and further validated at technical level and political level meetings to endorse the monitoring framework with inputs from stakeholders.

The purpose of this framework is to:

  • Provide a working guide to enable establishment of the child protection information management system, especially as no other sectoral frameworks on either child protection plans or monitoring indicators exist for the overall child protection sector in Cambodia.
  • Provide a framework of data reporting responsibilities, especially clear guidance for relevant ministries and institutions on what information should be collected and reported for national collation and analysis
  • Provide a clear framework for overall analysis of reports to be prepared from the CPIMS
  • Provide a list of core indicators to represent the child protection sector; it is not an exhaustive list.

This monitoring framework should be supplemented by operational monitoring frameworks that are needed for more detailed programming at the operational level.

The document provides a robust national tool that can track the country’s progress on child protection, importantly by bringing multi-sectoral stakeholders together under one umbrella. It will enable the following two main questions to be answered:

  • Are CHILD PROTECTION programmes being operated as intended, efficiently and effectively?
  • Is the CHILD PROTECTION programme achieving its desired outcomes and longer-term objectives?

Read Khmer version here.