The DataCare Project

Eurochild and UNICEF

Eurochild and UNICEF carried out the DataCare project to map alternative care data systems across the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU-27) and the United Kingdom (UK). They found that despite differing national definitions and categorisations of alternative care across the region, enough data being published at national level can be used at an aggregate level to establish comparable indicators on the number of children in residential care and three other relevant and interlinked indicators.

As the European Union does not currently have comparable and Europe-wide data to gauge the share of children growing up within different forms of alternative care, Eurochild and UNICEF’s proposed indicators can help the region fill this gap. The upcoming National Action Plans for the European Child Guarantee are an important opportunity to do just that. Learn more and read the full findings here.

Policy Brief:

Technical Report:

Children in alternative care: Comparable statistics to monitor progress on deinstitutionalisation across the European Union

Better data for better child protection systems in Europe: Mapping how data on children in alternative care are collected, analysed and published across 28 European countries

DataCare Policy Brief DataCare Technical Report


Presentation of Data Care Final Findings and Recommendations