Tracking Progress Initiative: Measuring Progress in the Implementation of Alternative Care Guidelines

Florence Martin & Katie Rice - Better Care Network & Save the Children UK

This document is an adapted presentation created by Florence Martin of Better Care Network and Katie Rice of Save the Children UK describing the Tracking Progress Initiative. Tracking Progress is a web-based interactive tool developed as part of an inter-agency initiative to support national actors in measuring their progress in the implementation of the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children. The tracking tool enables actors to input and share data, identify gaps in available data, and then identify priorities and how to address them. 

The Tracking Progress Tool has four overarching themes: 

  1. Addressing the factors that may lead to the need for any forms of alternative care; 
  2. Discouraging the use of formal alternative care unless necessary; 
  3. Ensuring formal alternative care meets minimum standards; 
  4. Ensuring formal alternative care settings meet the best interests of the individual child.

The tool has been revised through field tests in Rwanda, Romania, and Paraguay and is being finalized for use in five pilot countries. 

The Tracking Progress Initiative is an inter-agency initiative made up of Better Care Network, Family for Every Child, Hope and Homes for Children, International Social Service, RELAF, Save the Children, SOS Children's Villages International, UNICEF, and Eurochild. 

The Centre for Excellence for Looked after Children in Scotland (CELCIS) was commissioned to develop and write the tool.