National Guidelines and Standards for Child Welfare Programmes

The National Council for Children's Services, Republic of Kenya

These guidelines provide minimum standards to be adhered to in the provision of Child Welfare Programmes; The guidelines will also provide a framework within which state and non-state actors shall develop, design, and implement childcare and welfare programmes to enhance child rights, strengthen family and community-based care. They further provide for the coordination of the implementation of child welfare programmes, eventually enhancing monitoring and evaluation, reporting and effective service delivery.

It is envisaged that these guidelines will streamline the provisions of care and child welfare programmes for children within family and community-based care in Kenya and contribute to the realization of the Social Pillar of the Kenya Vision 2030 “to improve the quality of life for all Kenyans by targeting a cross-section of human and social welfare projects and programmes”.

The Council is calling upon all partners and stakeholders to forge together in complementing the Government’s efforts in providing family and community-based care for children in Kenya.

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