Scoping and Sector Review of Social Protection in Somaliland

Save the Children

This Scoping Study and Sector Review, produced under the guidance of the Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs and Family (MESAF) of Somaliland and Save the Children, is a strategic analysis of the existing policy landscape in Somaliland in order to inform the development of a Social Protection system. Its key focus is to analyse gaps in the current system and identify key challenges and opportunities moving forward to build the Social Protection Sector. With support from Save the Children, Somaliland is currently piloting a child benefit to IDP households in Hargeisa, which is embedded in a child-sensitive cash-plus approach. This review will focus on Somaliland’s pilot Child-Sensitive Social Protection Pilot (CSSP), within the context of Somaliland’s wider sector of social development, with a forward-looking analysis of opportunities to scale up the CSSP to become Somaliland’s first social protection programme and continue investing in inclusive programmes and build the capacity of stakeholders to deliver a Social Protection system.