Case Management Practical Guide: A set of Methodological Guidelines for the Regional Social Assistance Structures

Svetlana Rîjicova & Stela Grigoraș - Partnerships for Every Child, Government of the Republic of Moldova & Advancing Partners and Communities

This guide is designed for social workers employed in the social services addressed to families and children in Moldova. The guide contains a standard version of the case management methodology that is unified and basic for all social services used by all social workers involved in the provision of social assistance services. In this version, the case management methodology focuses on family strengthening and the development of family’s competences, with the ultimate aim of achieving every child’s well-being. 

This guide is part of a series of methodological materials developed to support the professionals in the field of social assistance:

This material was developed within the USAID-funded project “Children in Moldova are cared for in safe and secure families”, implemented by Partnerships for Every Child in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Moldova, through the AdvancingPartner&Communities (agreement No. APC-GM-0028) within cooperation agreement (Nr. AID-OAA-A-12-00047), lasting 5 years and in force since October 1, 2012.