Investing in those who care for children: Social Welfare Workforce Strengthening Conference Report, Cape Town, November 2010

Amy Bess, Luisa López, Evelyn Tomaszewski - National Association of Social Workers - US (NASW - US), Division for Human Rights & International Affairs

The conference is part of a long-term effort by the US government and other donors to draw increased attention and mobilize additional assistance for social workers worldwide who work with children who are vulnerable to abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect. The Conference explored a range of workforce development strategies, including strategies for planning, training, and supporting the workforce incorporating lessons learned from Health Systems Strengthening and Human Resources for Health Initiatives as well as other human and institutional capacity building and training efforts. The objectives of the Conference included: Contribute to the growing body of knowledge regarding components of a functioning social welfare system and social welfare workforce; Examine systems approaches to addressing workforce problems; Identify specific promising practices for strengthening the social welfare workforce; Identify critical resources, tools, the sources of support for social welfare workforce strengthening initiatives; and Dialog and identify next steps for in-country and regional efforts to strengthen the social welfare workforce