UK Social Work and the War in Ukraine: A BASW Briefing on Context, Ethics and Practice Under the Visa Schemes for Ukrainians


The focus of this document is to support, inform and empower social workers across the UK in their ongoing practice and consideration of issues that arise in relation to people arriving and staying under the UK Ukraine visa schemes. It will be of particular use to UK social workers who through their work are:

  • Employed in roles that involve initial or ongoing risk management or support/intervention with hosts/ prospective hosts; and/or,
  • Find themselves working with individuals and families from Ukraine who are or may be at risk and/or entitled to social work, social care and related services

It will also be of use to social workers outside of the workplace who may be:

  • hosting, or considering hosting, individuals and families from Ukraine.
  • supporting friends, neighbours or family members who are hosting people from Ukraine.
  • supporting Ukrainians and or working Ukrainian communities through a range of community-based initiatives, for example, English classes and various support groups
  • wishing to support and advocate for Ukrainian – and/or other – migrants, asylum seekers and refugees