Doha Call to Action

Doha International Family Institution – International Conference

This is a Call to Action issued by the Doha International Family Institute commemorating the International Year of the Family.  This document calls on governments to: develop policies that promote stable and empowered families; promote gender equality; recognize the contribution and responsibility of men to families; focus poverty alleviation strategies on the family as a unit; adopt policies to ensure work-family balance; value important contributions of all generations within the family; ensure the systematic collection of data and statistics on family well-being; develop and implement family-focused policies and interventions to strengthen vulnerable families; create an enabling environment for a meaningful contribution of civil society organizations in the design, implementation and monitoring of family policies and programs and remove barriers to the establishment, work and funding of non-governmental organizations; and acknowledge that families are at the center of sustainable development and ensure that families are an integral part of post 2015 development agenda.