Creating a safe educational environment for children deprived of parental care: pedagogical and socio-legal aspects

Victoria Sydorenko, Alla Kovalchuk - The Asian International Journal of Life Sciences


The problems of exacerbating conflicts between parents and the new digital generation of Z children (centennials), the destruction of the family as an institution for the socialization of the younger generation, violation of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the child, the manifestations of juvenile bullying are all topical today. The lack of their organizational and socio-legal support gives rise to the spread of the phenomenon of social orphanage in society, the increase in the number of homeless children, the so-called «street children». The study substantiates the organizational, psychological, pedagogical and socio-legal principles of creating a safe educational environment for children deprived of parental care, providing the proper conditions for their socialization, harmonious physical, mental, moral and volitional, and spiritual development. A thorough consideration of the problem at the pedagogical and socio-legal levels makes it possible to solve it by raising the child’s social status; introduction of educational technologies, methods and techniques of organization and management of safe educational environment; development of new directions of social work taking into account regional, gender or other peculiarities; interaction of children’s institutions, educational establishments with parents, public organizations, mass media. The article will be interesting and useful for educators, heads of general secondary education institutions, parents and the general public, anyone interested in protecting the rights and freedoms of the child.