Education in Out-of-Home Care

Patricia McNamara, Carme Montserrat, Sarah Wise

This book draws together for the first time some of the most important international policy practice and research relating to education in out-of-home care. It addresses the knowledge gap around how good learning experiences can enrich and add enjoyment to the lives of children and young people as they grow and develop. Through its ecological-development lens it focuses sharply on the experience of learning from early childhood to tertiary education. It offers empirical insights and best practices examples of learning and caregiving contexts with children and young people in formal learning settings, at home and in the community. This book is highly relevant for education and training programs in pedagogy, psychology, social work, youth work, residential care, foster care and kinship care along with early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary education courses.

Chapters in this book include:

A Holistic Approach to Educating Children in Care: Caring Schools

Seizing the Moment: Are We Optimising Primary Years’ Learning Opportunities for Australian Children in Care?

Gender Effects of Tutoring on Reading and Math Skills in a Randomized Controlled Trial with Foster Children of Primary-School Age

Is Quality Good Enough for Out-of-Home Care Children? Early Childhood Education and Care Experiences of Australian Children in Out-of-Home Care at Age 3 to 5 Years

The “Perfect Score”: The Burden of Educational Elitism on Children in Out-of-Home Care

The Educational Progress of Children in Out of Home Care in the UK

School Readiness in Children in Out-of-Home Care

Fostering Success in Education: Educational Outcomes of Students in Foster Care in the United States

Strengthening the Evidence Base to Improve Educational Outcomes for Australians in Out-of-Home Care

Early Education as an Intervention for Children in Care

Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage: Educational Needs of Out-of-Home Care Children in Hong Kong

Improving Academic Accomplishments of Youth in Residential Education and Care in Israel: Implementing a Policy Change

Different Perceptions Regarding the Education of Children in Care: The Perspectives of Teachers, Caregivers and Children in Residential Care

Work Matters: Re-thinking the Transformative Potential of Education and Work in the Lives of Young People in Care and Care Leavers

Postsecondary Educational Attainment of Young People Leaving Care in the USA: Implications for Practice and Policy

We Can Do It and So Can Our Future Care Leavers! Care Leavers at University

Education Success Factors and Barriers: Learning from the Experiences of New Zealand Care Leavers Who Went to University

Educational Background, Educational Expectations and Organized Activity Participation Among Adolescents Aging Out of Care in Brazil