How-to Guide: Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

Catholic Relief Services

Part of a series of ‘How-to’ Guides that highlight successful initiatives by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and its implementing partners from around the world, this Guide provides practical strategies and tips emerging from CRS/Vietnam’s experience with inclusive education for children with disabilities.

In the past, it was accepted that children with disabilities belonged in special programmes that separated them from their peers; however, international education experts now believe that inclusive education programmes are not only more cost effective for developing countries, but also offer children with disabilities the best opportunity for social inclusion and self-sufficiency. Inclusive programmes also provide many benefits to families, communities and schools; however, societal attitudes are often the main barriers to including disabled children in general education systems. 

The Guide outlines the recommended steps and main components of building a successful inclusive education programme, backed-up by the real-life experience of CRS/Vietnam, as well as lessons learned and a list of indicators for successful programmes. The Guide also provides information on CRS/Vietnam’s next steps to expand, improve and sustain its inclusive education initiatives through policy advocacy; specific recommendations for the inclusion of children with various or multiple impairments; and general recommendations for other developing countries interested in building inclusive education programmes.   

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