ASPIRES Family Care Process Assessment: Savings Groups for Family-Child Reintegration and Prevention of Separation

Whitney Moret and Mike Ferguson - USAID, FHI 360, and ASPIRES

This evaluation examined the designs and implementation processes of the saving group components of ChildFund’s Economic Strengthening to Keep and Reintegrate Children in Family Care (ESFAM) and AVSI Foundation’s Family Resilience (FARE) projects in Uganda and identified practical lessons for implementers. This report seeks to contribute to the evidence base on savings group interventions for vulnerable households and explore how such groups can contribute to preventing family separation and reintegrating separated families. Both FARE and ESFAM included variations on the standard savings group (SG) or village savings and loan association (VSLA) model in order to reach very vulnerable households. Additionally, ESFAM formed VSLA groups comprised primarily of participants identified as the most vulnerable in a program intervention led by a cash transfer.

This evaluation is part of the Accelerating Strategies for Practical Innovation and Research in Economic Strengthening (ASPIRES) project.