Learnings: Family Strengthening and Care Reform in Kenya

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC)

Kenyan families are facing many of the common challenges known to increase the risk of family separation globally: poverty, living with  a  disability and violence. In response, CTWWC Kenya took a cross-cutting approach to family strengthening as part of its broader care reform work.

The approach targets families who are at risk of, but not yet separated, families providing family-based alternative care such as kinship care, Kafaalah or foster care; and families who are already separated and  are  preparing  for  reunification  or  are  in  the  process  of reintegration to prevent re-separation.

This brief summarizes the original design of Changing the Way We Care’s family strengthening approach,  the  lessons  learned  during  implementation,  and  the adaptations  that  CTWWC  is  making  to  maximize  the  impact  of  its  family strengthening work.

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