Cultural Enhancement of PCIT for American Indian Families: Honoring Children, Making Relatives

Dolores Subia BigFoot & Beverly Funderburk - Handbook of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy


Honoring Children is a series of cultural translations of evidence-based treatments for children and families. Honoring Children—Making Relatives describes an approach for translating the core concepts of parent–child interaction therapy (PCIT) to explore their alignment with traditional family values and ways of caring for children. The concepts of PCIT theory match traditional cultural parenting teachings of the Indigenous people of the US that have stood the test of time. Modern research confirms what has been known in the tribal communities for centuries—attention, warmth, commitment, and structure serve parent–child bonding well. PCIT provides a format and methods that can improve the transmission of these well-established concepts. The chapter describes the rationale, research support, and techniques that support the application of PCIT to American Indian families.