Measuring the Impact of Parenting Interventions in Low-Resource and Humanitarian Settings

Dr. Jeannie Annan - International Rescue Committee

This presentation from IRC, given at the State of the Evidence on Children’s Care Symposium, outlines the findings of recent research on parenting interventions in low-resource settings. The research sought to answer: “Can evidence-based parenting and family skills intervention be implemented in a low-resource, conflict-affected setting?” “Does the intervention have an impact on: a) Parenting practices b) Family functioning c) Child behavior, psychosocial wellbeing and resilience?” And “What are the processes through which participation in the intervention influences these outcomes?”

The research was conducted in Burundi, Liberia, and the Thai-Myanmar border. Evaluation of these parenting interventions indicates that the program was acceptable and feasible for participants and that participants gained knowledge and greater capacity to “control the mind.” The presentation also highlights some of the unintended consequences of the program on caregiver mental health, and relationships with family and community members.