The Impact of Physical Education on Self-Esteem and Confidence of Orphaned Children

Luong Thi Anh Ngoc and Dao Chanh Thuc - Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications


The confidence scale and self-esteem scale have been passed to 68 mental health checkups for children in Grades 3 and 4, at Ho Chi Minh City Primary School, Vietnam. For better resolution, the problem, physical education intervention has been used for comparative research. Previous research indicates that Self-esteem and self-confidence of children in general are poor; Physical education interventions play an important role in improving their self-esteem and confidence. It suggests that the intervention of physical education should be applied more to the study of mental health of children with orphans. From a physical perspective. Educational institutions should focus more on motivating students. The ability to teach as well as encourage them to work in chartered schools. From another perspective, the need for professional training for physical education teachers in orphan schools The school popularizes science teaching methods so that the mental health of children can be improved effectively.