Special Section of the Journal of Research on Social Work Practice: Understanding Adoption Breakdown: When Adoptive Placements Don’t Go as Intended

This special section of the journal of Research on Social Work Practice focuses on adoption breakdown. The introduction reads; "Adoption breakdown is not a new phenomenon, and research into adoption breakdown has existed for some decades now. However, in recent years, the existence of adoptive placements ending prematurely due to serious difficulties in the family’s life together has attracted increased attention by researchers, policy makers, and practitioners. In particular, the nature, incidence, and characteristics of the breakdown experience are the subjects of interdisciplinary research activity around the world. The multiple reasons why this occurs are considered in this article that also serves as an introduction to the remaining articles in this special section on adoption breakdown."

Articles in this section include:

Adoption Breakdown Research Comes of Age: Introduction to the Special Section

Beyond the Child’s Age at Placement: Risk and Protective Factors in Preadoption Breakdown in Portugal

Adoption Breakdown: Concept, Research, and Implications

A Comparison of Foster Care Reentry After Adoption in Two Large U.S. States

Sibling Relationships in Adoptive Families That Disrupted or Were in Crisis

Adoption Breakdown in Spain: A Survival and Age-Related Analysis

Commentary: Understanding Research, Policy, and Practice Issues in Adoption Instability