Essence and Scope of Strengthening Community-Based Preventive Child Care and Protection Systems in India

Ranjan Kanti Panda, Lopamudra Mullick, Subhadeep Adhikari, Neepa Basu, Archana Kumari - Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond


This article reflects different programmes and resource components that may be promoted to keep children with either their own family or within alternative family care, satisfying the rights of their overall development. In India, the concept of promoting family-based care mechanisms through government systems has not been fully realised, owing to lack of synergy between resource allocation and existing government programmes, policies and plans of action for child protection. Additionally, the common public discourse is that Child Care Institutions (CCIs) offer suitable care and protection for children outside the parental care. CCIs continue to be identified as the ultimate and the most common response for children at risk. This practice nullifies the scope to explore opportunities for the child to live with their family or in any alternative family care mechanisms.

This article is part of the special issue of the Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond journal.