Bridging the digital divide for care experienced young people in Scotland: If not now, when?

Kenny McGhee and Dr. Autumn Roesch-Marsh - CELCIS / Scottish Care Leavers Covenant

The briefing begins by providing a brief overview of the current situation for care experienced young people in Scotland, highlighting significant recent developments which provide a context for discussions about the impact of lockdown on care leavers. We also consider the broader literature and commentary on digital exclusion and care leavers, highlighting what was known prior to the onset of lockdown. This information is then brought together with findings from conversations with local authorities, to provide us with a focus on key challenges and barriers, and the possible short term and long term solutions. The recommendations made in this briefing are a call for the Scottish Government, local authorities and all corporate parents to see rights-based digital inclusion for care experienced young people as their responsibility and a key part of all pathways planning and aftercare support in Scotland.

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