Capacity Building Plan to Implement the Guidelines for Kinship Care, Foster Care and Supported Independent Living in Liberia

Government of Liberia, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare - USAID, World Learning, Save the Children, Maestral International

This capacity building plan supports the implementation of the Liberian Guidelines for Kinship Care, Foster Care and Supported Independent Living. It establishes clear steps towards the strengthening of social welfare services for vulnerable populations in Liberia. This plan builds upon the on-going effort by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Department of Social Welfare to strengthen its capacity in terms of improving performance and providing quality social welfare services to people in need of care and support, including vulnerable children particularly children without appropriate care (CWAC).

It is understood that the implementation of the Guidelines requires sufficient capacities, appropriately aligned with the strategies and activities outlined in the Guidelines. The process of building these capacities is cyclical and on-going, with continual feedback mechanisms needed, and is illustrated in this plan. The plan identifies the capacities that are needed to carry out the activities in the Guidelines; determines the interventions necessary and the structure of these interventions (illustrated in a table); highlights the primary priorities of intervention; analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to achieving the objectives of the Guidelines; and provides steps for monitoring and evaluation, including identifying the indicators and benchmarks. The plan concludes with the Department of Social Welfare’s promise to remain committed to ensuring appropriate protection of the most marginalized and at risk children.