Family foster care in the attitudes and opinions of young adults

Barłóg, Mateusz - Psychologia Wychowawcza


This article presents a study conducted amongst young adults between the ages of 19–35 (N = 67). The aim was to determine the relationship between the about information about foster care families and the attitude of young adults towards them. For this purpose, one group (n = 35) was provided with information preceding the negative behavior of juveniles, and the other group received positive information about development opportunities (n = 32). Statistics indicate there is no relationship between the given information and the attitude of the respondents. The relationship between the attitude and general knowledge of young adults regarding foster parenthood was analyzed. In this case, the result also proved to be statistically insignificant. However, the results seem to indicate that there may be a relationship between the knowledge, attitude and age of the respondents. In addition, women had a more positive attitude towards foster care, and a wider knowledge about foster families compared to men. The data also indicate a fairly high level of knowledge of young adults about the foster care system in Poland. Respondents also have a positive attitude towards helping children and foster care families. The article discusses possible practical implications for further research and prevention.