Principles of foster care as the basics for the functioning of its system. Catalog, characteristics and meaning

Krajewska, Beata - Problemy Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcze


The subject of investigation in this study has been made the principles of foster care with the necessary and concise presentation of the assumptions and solutions of foster care as such. The principles of foster care have been collected and described, which constitute a kind of catalog necessary to include in practice foster care to the fullest extent possible. These are the following principles: the welfare of the child and the family covered by foster care, subsidiarity of foster care, temporary foster care, priority of foster care over institutional care, the use of foster care on the basis of a court decision, hearing a child placed in foster care, placing a child in foster care as close as possible to his current place of residence, the right of a child in foster care to contacts with parents and other relatives, not separating siblings in foster care, not separating a minor mother in foster care and her child.