Say and play: A tool for young children and those who care for them

Dr Jonathan Brakarsh

Say and Play is an interactive tool designed for orphans and vulnerable children from three to six years old and those who care for them. This includes parents, caregivers, early child development teachers, home-based care teams and all those who take an interest in the welfare of young children. Though Say and Play involves children from three to six years old, it also addresses the needs of newborn to three year olds by providing guidelines for parents and caregivers. It uses pictures, stories and games to help children talk about their lives and, through these activities, it guides adults to identify and support the emotional and social needs of children.

Say and Play has five objectives:

  • To help us to better understand young children and their needs;
  • To improve communication between adults and children;
  • To strengthen the parent–child relationship;
  • To increase children’s participation: to help them express opinions and make decisions about matters that affect their lives;
  • To link young children to relevant health, educational and psychological services.

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