Family for Every Child Online Presentation on Kinship Care in Brazil

Family for Every Child

Family for Every Child has shared three pre-recorded presentations to watch in advance of their Online Event on Kinship Care in Brazil on Wednesday 3 April at 13:00 UK time. They recommend viewing each presentation in the order suggested and invite participants to come to the live Q&A with questions for the presenters.

About the presenters

Ana Angélica Campelo is a specialist in public policy. As a Brazilian civil servant she has worked in the area of social policy for more than 20 years. She was a consultant to the National Council on the Rights of Children and Adolescents and previously worked for the Federal District state government as Director of the Social Development Secretariat where she implemented a foster care service. She currently works in the Ministry of Citizenship, where she is leading on the standardisation of Kinship Care in Brazil.

Jonathan Hannay has been working with children and young people and individual and community development since 1990; today his work is mostly focused on Kinship Care. He is currently advising the Brazilian Federal Government to develop a national formal kinship care programme and is also working with several Brazilian municipalities that are implementing their own kinship care programmes. In 2012 he received honorary citizenship of Diadema, Brazil and received an MBE in recognition of 20 years dedication to Brazil’s children. 

Claudia Cabral has a degree in psychology, a Master’s degree in education and a specialisation in family therapy. Her professional career has focused on the ​​psychology of children and adolescents who are separated or in the process of separating from family life. She has extensive experience in community-based care, psycho-social family support, family reintegration, foster care and adoption. Claudia has consulted on projects at national and international level and collaborated on the drafting of the UN Guidelines for Alternative Care (2009).

1. Spotlight on Brazil
An overview of the social welfare system in Brazil and how kinship care fits within it.

by Ana Angélica Campelo, of Brazil’s Ministry of Citizenship

2. Breaking the cycle
Learning from a programme of formal therapeutic foster care that draws upon the ‘breaking the cycle’ approach, developed in collaboration with Family for Every Child’s member in Mexico, JUCONI.

by Jonathan Hannay, ACER Brasil

3. The strength of the extended family
The importance of considering the extended family when making decisions about children’s care, and efforts to raise awareness of this with the Brazilian government.

by Claudia Cabral, Executive Director of Associação Brasileira Terra dos Homens (ABTH)

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