Towards the Right Care for Children: Orientations for reforming alternative care systems – Africa, Asia, Latin America

Samantha Chaitkin, Nigel Cantwell, Dr. Chrissie Gale, Dr. Ian Milligan, Catherine Flogothier, Claire O’Kane, Dr. Graham Connelly - European Union, CELCIS, SOS Children's Villages

This synthesis report contains findings from a study that conducted research in six South and Central American, Asian and African countries for the purpose of gaining understanding of the nature, extent, and scope of institutionalization and the feasibility of deinstitutionlisation.

The report found that children were placed in care due to poverty; education; orphanhood; HIV/AIDS; migration; discrimination; abuse, neglect, and exploitation; active recruitment of children into residential care; disability.  These children are being placed in informal and formal family-based care settings and residential care.

The report recommends EU’s Human Rights Dialogues with third countries always refer to child protection systems.  EU’s bilateral relationships with countries should include nation-wide child protection schemes.  Philanthropists, faith-based groups, grassroots fundraisers, and other such concerned citizens should be targeted about practices that are harmful to children and be made aware of the risks of unnecessary family separation.  EU should support efforts to strengthen the workforce in the region, as well as address the causes of separation and enact preventative measures.