2016 Online Survey to assess the extent of unregistered Children’s Homes in Thailand

Thailand CRC Coalition Alternative Care Working Group

This document is a report on the 2016 Online Survey of Unregistered Children’s Homes in Thailand. This report found that there are more than 200 unregistered children’s homes in Thailand that have an online presence, and the current registration requirements for private children’s homes in Thailand seem to be inadequate if Thailand aims to work towards implementation of the United Nations Alternative Care Guidelines.

The survey found 219 children’s unregistered children’s homes in Sangkhlaburi with sizes ranging from 2 to 700 children.  Extrapolating this data, the report estimates that there could be 37,750 children living in children’s home across Thailand.  The survey found bad practices which included volunteerism, objectification, and proselytization.

The report recommends Gatekeeping to uphold United Nations Guidelines on alternative care.