Children, Orphanages, and Families: a Summary of Research to Help Guide Faith-based Action

Kelley Bunkers, Amanda Cox, Sarah Gesiriech, and Kerry Olson, Faith to Action Initiative

Produced by the Faith to Action Initiative, with support from the Better Care Network, this useful publication is aimed at churches, faith-based organizations, and individuals of faith seeking evidence-based information about the best ways to care for orphans and children separated from parental care. It provides a concise overview of a range of studies and findings that can inform approaches to caring for children who, through orphanhood, abandonment, or other causes, have been separated from parental care. Included are current global estimates and key facts about orphans and children living in orphanages; an introduction to the range of care options, called the continuum of care; significant findings that demonstrate the importance of family based care and the limitations of orphanages; and interventions that strengthen family care and help prevent placement in orphanages. This guide strives to summarize key overall findings, while also providing examples within specific countries or regions, to further illustrate some of the general points.