Children Without a 'Home'

Mirjam Vossen, Loïs Batteux, Patricia Nieuwenhuizen

Millions of children in developing countries are not able to live at home, temporarily or long-term. Sometimes because their parents have passed away or because the problems at home are just too big. Other times because they have run away or are separated from their families by wars, disasters or child traffickers. The fate of these vulnerable children is a concern for many people. Some start projects, volunteer with children or support an orphanage.

Children without a ‘home’ is for them. What is the best way to help children without a safe home? What do you need to know about orphanages in developing countries? Why is care in families usually better than care in a children’s home? What is important to consider when you want to volunteer in a children’s home?

These questions are answered in short chapters with real-life examples. The basic principle is that every child has a right to grow up in a loving family. Help should focus primarily on support for families and lastly on care in children’s homes.

Children without a ‘home’ is published by Better Care Network Netherlands, a network of organisations that offer help to children in developing countries without adequate parental care. This completely revised version contains the latest scientific insights and new practical examples.