Detection of Psychological Stresses for Orphans Who Live in Orphanages

Journal of Basra researches for Human Sciences, Basrah University


The current study aims to reveal the psychological stresses faced by orphaned children in orphanages. For the purpose of access to the results, the researcher adopted the Psychological Stress Scale (Al-Jamaan and Ali, 2016) which was applied to a sample of Fifty children of the orphans; the data were presented in the Spss program. The results show that using the T-test for one sample, the sample has psychological stresses in general. This is a natural result since the sample did not live in a natural family environment filled with love and tenderness. By using the T-test for two different samples, it showed that the percentage of psychological stresses in females are higher than that of males due to the nature of the society in which we live and the society’s perception towards the females who lived in the orphanage and the loss of their social background.