Health Promotion of Children and Young Adults Who Live in Residential Care Institutions in Portugal

Cláudia Helena Julião - Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal


This study focused on health promotion for children and young adults who live in residential care institutions in Portugal. It aims to understand how these institutions promote the health of the children and young adults who live there and secure their right to health. Multiple qualitative methods were used, including a bibliographic, documental and field research, as well as semi-structured interviews with the professionals of these institutions. The results showed that the institutions are concerned with the health promotion of children and young adults, promoting actions both for the professionals, the children and their families. The type of support they offer includes access to public services, but also to their own resources regarding health and the possibilities of partnership with private health institutions. These are especially realized in the fields of mental and oral health, since in these areas the public system was found to have some shortcomings. The results indicate the need to develop new alternatives for the health promotion of children and young adults who live in these residential care institutions, since these services are essential for their well-being and integral development.