Moving Cage to Cage: An Interim Report of the Special Inquiry into Children and Young People in Alternative Care Arrangements

Zoë Robinson - Advocate for Children and Young People

This interim report focuses on hearing the lived experiences of children and young people in alternative care arrangements and lifts up the voices of those who have participated in private hearings as part of this Special Inquiry to date.

Key themes explored in the report include:

  • Safety and quality of care
  • Stability and communication
  • Access to supports and services
  • Connection to family, friends, community and culture.

The Special Inquiry was established on 24 September 2023, with the impetus being feedback from consultations with young people that informed ACYP’s The Voices of Children and Young People in Out-of-Home Care Report, as well as recent public reports about ongoing systemic issues in regards to the use of ACAs in NSW.