Situational Analysis Report for Children's Institutions in Five Counties: Kiambu, Kilif i, Kisumu, Murang’a and Nyamira Summary Report

Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, State Department for Social Protection, Department of Children's Services - Republic of Kenya

In 2019, a residential childcare institution situational analysis was conducted in five counties in Kenya in response to the lack of data on children living in residential care. It was performed in the wake of important commitments made by the Kenyan government to reform the care system by moving away from residential care institutions toward a wider implementation of family-based care solutions.

The purpose of this situational analysis is to provide a snapshot of charitable children’s institutions (CCIs), other private childcare institutions and statutory children’s institutions (SCIs), and of the children living in them. The aim is to create a clearer understanding of the current situation of children in residential care in Kenya and to identify strengths and potential challenges which may impact care reform work.

This situational analysis does not provide an assessment of the operations of institutions, nor does it assess individual child and family cases. Rather, it is seen as a first step of many to collect and use information to develop care reform strategies nationally, by county and at the individual institution level. It is hoped that the results of this situational analysis will be useful to guide further assessments and to inform the development of policies, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, program interventions and transition action plans.

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