7 Day Sprint — How to craft evidence-based policy for children in care: Free Online Boot Camp


Evidence-based policymaking is crucial to the success of government services. It’s especially important for policy that impacts children’s lives. That’s why Apolitical created this bite-sized, 7-day sprint to demonstrate what great evidence-based policy looks like and how it can transform the lives of children in care.

The "online bootcamp" will walk through practical ways to make the care system radically more child friendly, with tools and techniques to apply in areas such as: child safeguarding, kinship, preventing unnecessary family separation and institutionalisation, and giving children with disabilities a life outside institutions. You’ll get:

  • Bite-sized activities or articles, taking 10 minutes or less per day, for 7 days
  • A practical introduction to evidence-based interventions for kids who do experience care — and how to apply it in your work
  • Activities and articles that range from global case studies and reading lists through to a self-assessment tool for keeping children out of care

You can complete as many or as few as you like, and you’ll have opportunities to connect with peers and experts applying these concepts globally.

Register by 15 November 2019.