Creating lasting change for children in alternative care: Lessons from Croatia, Poland and Greece

Eurochild and Martin James Foundation

In 2020 Eurochild has started a fruitful cooperation with Martin James Foundation to support 3 civil society organisations in Greece, Croatia and Poland through re-granting, tailored capacity building and technical assistance. This event will reflect on how cooperation and knowledge sharing can support meeting the needs of children at risk and in the alternative care system. The event will highlight practices and approaches towards transition from institutional to family- and community-based care.

National partners from Croatia, Greece and Poland will share how to achieve better outcomes for children by advocating at national level and in Brussels. Given that the Structural Reform Support Programme has provided significant financial & technical support to deinstitutionalisation reform across the EU, a representative from Commission will speak about the current and the upcoming funding frameworks in Member States.

The initial findings and learnings from the DataCare Project, that Eurochild is implementing in cooperation with UNICEF, will provide more insight on the importance of indicators on children in alternative care.


  • Petra Hrvoj, FICE Croatia, Croatia;
  • Mary Theodoropoulou, Roots Research Center, Greece;
  • Beata Kulig, Polish Foster Care Coalition, Poland;
  • udit Rózsa, Director, Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support, European Commission;
  • Maria Herczog, DataCare project, Hungary;
  • Florence Koenderink, DataCare project, France;
  • Justin Rogers, CEO, Martin James Foundation, UK;
  • Jana Hainsworth, Secretary General, Eurochild, Belgium

Register by 7 June.