Developing and Sustaining Effective Parent Advisory Committees Training

National Family Support Network

About this Event

How can an active Parent Advisory Committee enhance a Program's work with families?

What steps are needed to create and sustain an effective Parent Advisory Committee?

How can Programs prepare to share leadership with Program participants?

A Parent Advisory Committee is a leadership group of Program participants that provides input, guidance, and feedback to a Program on a regular basis. An active Parent Advisory Committee can be a highly effective method of supporting meaningful parent engagement, developing parent leadership skills, and supporting a Program's success.

Yet many Programs report struggling with managing Parent Advisory Committees. Funders often expect Programs to have them, yet less frequently ensure Programs have training and support to implement them well. Parents serving on these committees sometimes feel that their participation and contributions are not useful or valued.

The National Family Support Network has developed this training to address these challenges and maximize the great potential of Parent Advisory Committees. Whether Programs are exploring setting up a new Parent Advisory Committee, or seeking to strengthen an existing one, this training will provide staff with the strategies and tools to maximize the great potential of shared staff-parent leadership.

The training is co-conducted by a NFSN staff member and an experienced national Parent Leader, modeling and reinforcing the importance of meaningful staff-parent partnerships. Learn what past participants have said about the training here.

Who should participate?

Management and direct service staff who work with, or would like to develop, a Parent Advisory Committee. Key leadership of the Program should participate in order to be able to implement the model effectively. Teams are highly encouraged.

Participants will:

  • Identify the benefits and challenges of parent leadership development
  • Learn the key steps and timeline to create and sustain a Parent Advisory Committee
  • Begin action planning for developing or strengthening a Parent Advisory Committee