FICE International 34th World Congress: "Better Future Opportunities for Children in Multicultural Societies"

FICE International
Tel Aviv, Israel

FICE International is holding its 34th World Congress in Tel Aviv, Israel 29-31 October 2019. The Congress is held every three years, each time in a different country, and is designed to review the work with children at risk, children with special needs, and children and young people in out-of-home care in different countries and to highlight innovative initiatives and ideas originating in our members’ many fields and disciplines. 

In light of the European Union member states' selection of "children without parental care" as the proposed theme for the 2019 resolution on the Rights of the Child, this will be one of the focuses of discussions and deliberations during the Congress. Other topics will be refugee youth and unaccompanied minors, education and learning challenges of children and adolescents in care, sexual abuse, aggressive behavior on the net, care leavers, just to name a few of them.