Global Call for Evidence on the Links Between Children’s Institutional Care and Education

Lumos, UBS Optimus Foundation

The international children’s organisation Lumos, with support from the UBS Optimus Foundation, is pleased to extend an invitation to your organisation to respond to a Global Call for Evidence on the links between Children’s Institutional Care and Education.

Despite widespread recognition of children’s right to education and their right to family, there is a critical evidence gap on the global links between these two rights and on the empirical relationship between institutional care and education. This evidence gap prevents relevant sectors from fully addressing the tensions and opportunities in these areas within their research, policy, practice and advocacy.  This call for information aims to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between institutional care and education in diverse contexts around the world, focusing on three main themes:

  1. Lack of available or accessible education as a driver of child institutionalisation (for example for children with disabilities)
  2. Institutional care as a barrier to quality education (for example by worsening children’s educational outcomes)
  3. Educational policy and practice that promote care reform or deinstitutionalisation (for example through inclusive education projects)

We hope to draw on the collective insights and experience of practitioners, policymakers, researchers, advocates and others in the fields of child protection and education. Given your knowledge and expertise in this area, we would like to extend a direct invitation to you.

How will your submission be used?

Lumos is grateful for all submissions and will analyse them to improve our understanding of the relationship between institutional care and education. This information will be published and disseminated to provide evidence for strategies, interventions and policies for improving the realisation of the right to education and family life around the world. Your submissions will help address some major gaps in the global evidence base and strengthen the child protection sector to improve the children’s lives. You can opt to make your submission anonymously or be credited.

How can you make a submission?

The deadline for submissions is 24 October 2021. The online submission form takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. It is available in English, French and Spanish. Submissions can be made in any language. Guidelines for making submissions can be found here.

You can make a submission by clicking here.

Sharing this Call for Evidence

We would be very grateful if you could also share this call within your wider network by forwarding this email to relevant contacts or organisations. Newsletter templates for organisations and networks are available here.