Human Rights in Light of Covid19: Protection of People with Disabilities: Safety through Inclusion & Emergency Deinstitutionalization

Disability Rights International

This event, hosted by Disability Rights International (DRI) is the third in a webinar series on human rights of people with disabilities in light of the covid-19 pandemic. In the previous webinar, UN human rights authorities called for every country to protect people with disabilities "by adopting and reinforcing deinstitutionalization strategies to close institutions and return people to the community...strengthening support and services for persons with disabilities and older persons."  Members of the Inter-American Commission called for life-saving interventions to protect children and adults detained in institutions.

This webinar will turn to the United States.  Nationally, at least 30% of covid-19 deaths are in nursing homes.  When congregate care for people with disabilities is taken into consideration, some states are seeing 67% of all covid-19 deaths in institutions. Women and racial minorities are disproportionately impacted as residents and workers at these facilities.  This webinar is an opportunity to look at the way economic disparities, racism, sexism and "ableism" feed off each other.   How can we can take immediate action to save lives?